Why should you sync your Google Play Reports with AppTweak?

  • Compare your real downloads and revenues with your competitors

  • Measure your app's daily user & device installs across countries

  • Keep track of your app's financial situation by analyzing your real revenues and your new, active, and canceled subscriptions

❗️You will find all of your integrated Google Play Reports data in the Analytics tab.

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1. Monitor & Benchmark your app's downloads in a specific country

In this section of Store Performance under the Analytics Tab, you will be able to monitor your real downloads and analyze other metrics to understand your user traffic.

Users that have synced their Google Play console with AppTweak will be able to view their real Daily installs under the Downloads section.

The first view will show you the cross competition option:

You will have the option to see your Daily user installs or your Daily device installs ( it depends if you want to see the number of users who have installed your app for the first time or the number of devices on which users installed your app for the first time)

You will first have three important indicators:

  1. Total downloads: giving you the total installs of your app on the selected date range

  2. Avg. Daily Downloads: indicating the daily average of installs your app is getting each day. This average will be computed on the date range selected

  3. Download growth: a very important indicator showing you the growth of your downloads compared to the last equivalent period (i.e. if you selected the month of August, we will show your app's download growth compared to the month of July).

In the graph below these KPIs, you will be able to see the download history chart. For your app, we will show the real downloads but as soon as you've added competitors, you will see your competitors' download estimates over time.

💡When comparing these numbers with the competitors’ download estimates we recommend using the “Daily Device Installs” because those are the ones we take into account to compute our download estimates.

👉Read more about our download estimates

Under the Line Chart, the summary table will help you understand which app had the best growth over the selected date range and which ones are lagging behind.

What does the Confidence Indicator score mean?

The more data we have, the more accurate our predictive curve will be for a given category in a given country.

  • Accurate (Green) – We have a lot of real data points for the given category/country/ranking tier. We guarantee that our estimates are highly accurate in this case. They should reflect very well the real number of downloads and/or revenue of this app you’re looking at.

  • Fair (Yellow) – We have a fair amount of real data points for the given category/country/ranking tier. Although you still need to be careful while interpreting the data provided, these most likely have a good correlation with the exact data.

  • Moderate (Red) – We don’t have a lot of real data points for the given category/country/ranking tier. It’s a rough estimation, that is more useful in terms of comparison between apps rather than providing an actual number of downloads or revenue.

Keep track of your app's Daily User uninstalls

With the Google reports integration, AppTweak will also show your app's Daily Users Uninstalls in the Analytics section.

This data comes directly from your app's Google Reports (Statistics > Breakdown by country/region > Daily User Uninstalls).

2. Keep track of your app's financial situation by analyzing your real revenues

The Financial Analysis section of the Analytics tab will help you understand your competitors’ performance in terms of revenue.

Just like you can compare your downloads with the competitors' download estimates in Store Performance, in Financial Analysis you can cross your app's real revenues with AppTweak's estimation of your competitors' revenues.

What do we mean by “Revenues”?

To get the revenue for Android apps we fetch the Financial Reports > Earnings Report from your Google Play Console, we convert all earnings to USD and then we sum all your earnings to compute your app's total revenue.

👉 Learn more about the Earnings Report

Real data vs estimates in the "Cross-Competition View"

The Earnings Report is also what we use to compute the revenue estimates of your app’s competitors, which makes it really easy to compare your own data with estimations.

👉 To learn more about our Revenue Estimates, please visit this page

To access your competitors' revenues make sure you are in the "Revenue" tab, that you are looking at the selected country and that you have selected the "Cross-Competiton" view.

Use the legend on the right to help you know for which apps we are showing real data and for which apps we are showing estimates.

Learn more about your app's subscriptions

Besides revenue, connecting the Google Play Console will be helpful for apps that offer subscriptions on their app.

In this tab, you can easily keep track of your new, active, and canceled subscriptions directly in AppTweak. All you need to do is select in the filters the metric you want to analyze:

As a reminder, here is how Google defines these metrics:

  • Active subscriptions: Number of subscriptions that were active for at least one day over the selected time period, including users with free trials.

  • New subscriptions: Number of subscriptions that started in the selected time period, including users with free trials.

  • Cancelled subscriptions: Number of subscriptions that were canceled during the selected time period, including cancellations within a free trial.

👉 Check the worldwide view to understand your global performance

Why isn't my data showing on the Analytics tab?

There are multiple reasons why you can't see your integration data in AppTweak:

  • If you've recently established the integration, it might take up to 24 - 48 hours for AppTweak to fully fetch all the data and display it in the tool. If you've recently integrated your consoles, please check back within 24 hours.

  • Each user has their own individual dashboard. Therefore, if your colleague integrates a console, it will only show up on their dashboard. Every user has to integrate the Developer Console individually.

  • The verification code provided by Apple is only valid for 30 days. Therefore you need to re-verify your account every 30 days. To re-verify your account navigates to My Account > Integrations and click on the “reverify” link that will automatically appear next to the integrations that are expired.

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