Follow these steps to link your Google Play Reports with AppTweak

1. Log in to your Google Play Console

2. Open the section "Download reports" > "Statistics"

👋 Can't see this section? You might need to update your permissions! Check out the

🔒 Needed permissions section down below to double-check your permissions.

3. On the right side of the page, you will find a link to copy your Cloud Storage URI.

Save this link you will need it later.

4. On your ASO dashboard, click on Connect Your Apps.

5. Select the Google Play Reports integration and click "Connect Account".

6. Paste your Cloud Storage URI.

7. Connect to your Google account and click "Allow" to let AppTweak access your reports.

8. Success!

You will find your connected apps in the ASO dashboard > tab Integrations however you may have to wait a few hours before we load all of your data from your Google Play Reports.

What's next?

👉 Find out which kind of information you can unlock when you integrate your consoles!

🔒 Needed permissions

If you can not see the "Download reports" tab on your Google Play console homepage, ask an account admin to update your role in "Users and Permissions". The minimum permissions required are View app information (read-only) and View financial data. The permissions have to be selected globally (not just selected apps).

AppTweak's Privacy Policy

Be 100% reassured, your credentials are encrypted and safely stored. We will not share your Consoles information and data with any third party. You can check out our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy using this link.

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