In regards to Apple's new two-factor authentication policy, any new App Store Console account (admin and non-admin) that is created will have a 2FA. Therefore, users won’t be able to integrate their data with new App Store accounts. This is something that we will start working on at the end of August / beginning of September.

In the meantime, if users want to connect their App Store Console to AppTweak, they have to do so by using an existing non-admin account that doesn’t have a 2FA.

How to integrate your App Store Connect on AppTweak with an existing non-admin account that doesn't have 2FA

  1. Go to My account -> Integrations -> Add new Integration

2. Enter your email address and password of your Developer Console -> click Integrate

IMPORTANT: Each user has their own individual dashboard. Therefore, if one user integrates a console, it will only show up on their dashboard. Every user has to integrate the Developer Console individually.

These are the benefits of integrating your App Store Connect to AppTweak:

1. View the Last 30 Days App Trends

  • Average App Category Ranking - View your app's Category Ranking in the past 30 days
  • Impressions/day - Number of unique impressions of your iPhone app in the search results
  • Pageviews/day - Number of unique visits to the page of your iPhone app in the App Store
  • Downloads/day - Number of times your app has been installed on an iOS device

2. Your app's actual Download and Revenue data.

You can take a look at the Total Downloads and Average Daily Downloads based on the date range you have chosen.

IMPORTANT: you can always customize the date range by clicking on 'Date Range' on the top right-hand corner of this section.

There is also a World Map view where you can identify all of the downloads your receive in the 70+ countries available on AppTweak.

3. View all of your app's Conversion Rates

Take a look at all of the conversion rates from Impressions to Installs, Page Views to Installs, and Impressions to Page Views.

4. View your app’s spread of impressions, page views and installs per channel in a given country

This section details the spread of impressions, page views, and installs your app is receiving from each channel:

  • App Store Search
  • App Store Browse
  • App Referrer
  • Web Referrer
  • Unknown

Downloads per Channel:

Unique Page Views per Channel:

Total Unique Impressions per Channel:

You can also click on 'Show details' under each graph which displays all of the daily Per Channel data given the date range of your choice.

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