Follow these steps to link your Advanced Search Ads console with AppTweak.

1. Log in to your Advanced Search Ads account and open your user settings

Click on your username on the top right and then click on the option "Settings" from the dropdown.

2. Click on the tab "User Management"

⚠️ Can't see this section? You need to be an account admin to be able to manage users. Ask your Search Ads console owner to make you admin or to perform the following steps through his account.

3. Click on the button "Invite Users"

4. Invite AppTweak to join your console

In the user details, you can type the same first/last name and email ( we used in the screenshot above.

In user access and role, you must select the role you want to give to AppTweak. It should be “API Account Manager”, “API Account Read Only” or “Limited Access” (then you need to select at least the role “API Read Only”).

If this user has already been added to your console, you will first need to remove and re-invite the email to receive a new valid code. To do so, simply click on the email in the list of users in the User Management section and then click "Remove User".

5. Click on "Send Invite" and wait for AppTweak to confirm the invitation. A confirmation code will be sent to the email indicated as Primary Contact in your Apple Console. It may take a few hours before you receive the email.

⚠️ The code is sent to the email that is indicated as Primary Contact in your Apple Console. You can find the email under Settings > Account Information.

8. In a separate window, connect to your AppTweak ASO dashboard, and click on Connect Your Apps.

9. Select the Apple Search Ads integration and click "Connect Account".

10. Paste the confirmation code you received by email.

Why haven't I received the email with a confirmation code for the integration?

Once you’ve completed the Apple Search Ads integration, the admin of the Advanced Search Ads console will receive an email with the confirmation code. If this is not you, please ask your colleagues if they received the code.

If your company has already made the integration for another user, you just need to add the code they received in your AppTweak account to be able to view the data.

11. Success! Your Search Ads console is now connected to AppTweak.

Your Search Ads Console data will be updated every 24 hours in AppTweak.

⚠️ After you added the integration, it can take up to 48 hours for your data to appear on your account.

What's next?

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AppTweak's Privacy Policy

Be 100% reassured, your credentials are encrypted and safely stored. We will not share your Consoles information and data with any third party. You can check out our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy using this link.

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