[UPDATE 4/21/2021] Apple Search Ads has deprecated the API Certification functionality. Our team is working on a new way to adapt to these new changes. Thank you for your patience.

The Apple Search Ads integration will connect with your Advanced Search Ads account and pull reporting data using the Apple Search Ads API. To be able to make requests to the Apple Search Ads API, we need to authenticate using an API certificate.

Follow these steps to link your Apple Search Ads console with AppTweak.

⚠️ In order to sync your Search Ads console with AppTweak, you need to provide an email that has the role Admin.

1. Log in to your Advanced Search Ads account. You may have to verify your identity with two-factor authentification.

2. In the upper right-hand corner, select "Settings" from the menu.

3. In the Settings page, select the tab "API" and click on "Create API Certificate".

4. Name your certificate and select the role "Account Read Only", then click "Create".

5. To download the certificate to your device, select "Action", then "Download".

You're not seeing the certificate you just created? New API certificates can take several seconds to appear in your account settings.

6. Now go on AppTweak and open your ASO dashboard then click on Import Your Apps.

7. Select the Apple Search Ads integration and click "Connect Account".

8. Finally, upload or drag and drop the zip file with your certificate on AppTweak.

Please only upload zip files. The certificate is valid for 24 months.

9. Success! We will verify that the uploaded file is a valid certificate. If that's the case, the sync will be successful.

Your Search Ads Console data will be updated every 24 hours in AppTweak.

⚠️ After you added the integration, it can take up to 48 hours for your data to appear on your account.

What's next?

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