Follow these steps to link your App Store Connect account with AppTweak.

⚠️ In order to sync App Store Connect with AppTweak, you need to provide an email that has access to the section "App Analytics" in the App Store Connect. The roles that have access to App Analytics are Admin, Finance, and Sales (this will allow you to see your real data in AppTweak and analyze the impact of your ASO efforts).

Note: If you don't want to integrate all apps from your App Store Connect, but select which ones to integrate on AppTweak, provide an email that has a Sales role and only access to the specific apps you want to connect.

⚠️ On the other hand, in order to reply to reviews, you will need: Admin, Account Holder, or Customer Support roles. As a result, in order to access all features in AppTweak linked to the App Store Connect, we require an Admin role.

1. On your ASO dashboard, click on Import Your Apps.

2. Select the App Store Connect integration and click "Connect Account".

3. Enter the email and password of your Apple account and click "Connect".

4. You should receive an SMS or a push notification on your Apple device with a 6 digit code to verify your identity. Paste this code and click "Validate".

⚠️ If you didn't receive the code or the code your received is invalid. Click on "Send a new text" to receive a new code and try again.

5. We have successfully connected your account!

Note: After you added the integration, it can take 24 to 48 hours for your data to appear on your account in the Analytics tab.

Reply to reviews: Same integration different roles

In order to be able to reply to your app reviews, you need to perform the same integration but to access this feature Apple only allows specific roles: Admin, Account Holder, and Customer Support. If the email you are using for this integration doesn't have one of these 3 roles, you won't have the permissions needed. The only solution is to ask for an admin user to change your role directly in the apple console.

Re-authenticating your Apple Account after 30 days

The connection with Apple with the Two-Factor Authentication is valid for 30 days. You will need to re-verify your account every month if you want to AppTweak to still have access to your Apple console.

How to re-authenticate your Apple account

Go to My Account > Integrations and click on the “reverify” link that will automatically appear next to the integrations that are expired. You will then need to go through the verification process again (see step 4).

Why can't I see my integration data in AppTweak?

There are multiple reasons why you can't see your integration data in AppTweak:

  • If you've recently established the integration, it might take up to 24 - 48 hours for AppTweak to fully fetch all the data and display it in the tool. Go to My Account > Integrations to make sure you have correctly connected your account, then check back within 24 hours.

  • Each user has their own individual dashboard. Therefore, if your colleague integrates a console, it will only show up on their dashboard. Every user has to integrate the App Store Connect individually.

  • The verification code provided by Apple is only valid for 30 days. Therefore you need to re-verify your account every 30 days. To re-verify your account, navigate to My Account > Integrations and click on the “reverify” link that will automatically appear next to the integrations that are expired.

Find out which kind of information you can unlock when you integrate your consoles!

AppTweak's Privacy Policy

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