Follow these steps to link your Google Play Console with AppTweak.

1. Log in to your Google Play Console

2. Open the section "Users and Permissions"

⚠️ Can't see this section? You need to be an admin or the account owner to be able to manage users. Ask your Google Play console owner to make you admin or to perform the following steps through his account.

3. On the right side of the page, open the options menu next to "Manage users" and select "Invite new users".

4. Invite AppTweak to join your console (without any expiry date).

You'll find an email in the instructions

⚠️ The email you need to invite is You'll find this email in the instructions at the second step of the integration model.

5. Under "App Permissions", you need to grant us access to all apps.

This is also where you need to select the permission: "View app information (Read only)".

⚠️ If you have many apps (more than 100), we recommend only selecting the apps that you would like to connect to AppTweak to avoid syncing delays.

6. Under "Account Permissions", select again "View app information and download bulk reports (Read only) and click "Invite user".

7. A confirmation code will be sent by email to connect to AppTweak. It may take a few hours before you receive the email.

⚠️ The code was sent to the email of the user that invited AppTweak to join the console. If you asked someone to invite AppTweak on your behalf, the code won't be sent to your email but to the user that sent the invite.

8. On your ASO dashboard, click on Connect Your Apps.

9. Select the Google Play Console integration and click "Connect Account".

10. Paste the confirmation code you received by email.

Why haven't I received the email with a confirmation code for the integration?

Once you’ve completed the Google Play Console integration, the admin of the Play Console will receive an email with the confirmation code. If this is not you, please ask your colleagues if they received the code.

If your company has already made the integration for another user, you just need to add the code they received in your AppTweak account to be able to view the data.

11. Success! Your Google Play Console is now connected to AppTweak.

You may have to wait a few hours before we load all of your data from your Google Play Console.

Note: It can take several minutes for the data to appear in the Analytics Section. In the Picking Tool, a cache is applied for 12 hours, therefore the user might have to wait the next day to see the data in this section even though it is already loaded in Analytics.

AppTweak's Privacy Policy

Be 100% reassured, your credentials are encrypted and safely stored. We will not share your Consoles' information and data with any third party. You can check out our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy using this link.

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