The "Monitor" section in the Keywords tab is the best place to check your app's performance evolution over time.

Go to the Keywords Tab > view the 'Monitor' section on the vertical bar header.

❗️ That section is based on the keyword list that you are currently viewing, you won't be able to see the progression of any keyword that's not in your list.

Visibility History

In the "Visibility History" section, you can check the evolution of your app's visibility score and your ranking history compared to competitors.

Visibility Score

The Visibility Score graph shows the progression of your app’s visibility in the store in comparison with your competitors.

No numbers are displayed here. This graph is to help you understand your ASO performance (and your competitors’) on the keywords you followed, over time, through trending curves.

To calculate this score, we take into account:

- Your app's (and your competitors') overall rankings for all the keywords coming from the given keyword list.

- The keywords' volume.

If our algorithm notices an increase in rankings on popular keywords, your Keywords Visibility Score will increase, as your app will be more visible on the store.

All trending curves start at 0%, on the date of reference you've chosen. You can then track your Visibility progression and compare it with your competitors over time.

You can adapt the date range, and toggle competitors from the graph by clicking on the app icon in the legend.

Ranking Growth

In the same Visibility History section, we have the Ranking History by App metrics.

The Ranking Growth table shows you the growth (positive or negative) of your app's ranking for a particular time period, that you can define. You can check the last 24 hours or go back further in time.

After you select the date range and the competitors that you'd like to see appear in the table, you can review the growth for each app.

The "Rank" column shows the current rank and the "Growth" column shows the rank evolution between the two dates you have selected.

You can switch the view to display 'Installs' instead of 'Ranks'.

Ranking Distribution

This graph displays the keywords on which you rank, color-coded by ranking tier: the darker the green means the higher the rankings, darker the red means lower the rankings. The grey area means that we were not tracking the keyword at that time and therefore don't have any ranking data.

Again, you can select a date range to decide how far back in the history you want to go.

You can switch from one app to the other and the graph will reflect the ranking of the app selected (it will not display several apps at once).

Ranking History

The Ranking History graph shows the evolution of the ranking of each keyword over time.

To make sure the graph remains readable, we only display 30 keywords at a time and enable you to select which ones in several ways:

  • Use the "top volumes" or "best ranks" shortcuts to display the 30 keywords with the highest volume or highest rank

  • Hover over any keyword

  • Use the Filter bar on the top

  • View the evolution Daily or Weekly or select the date range

You can always switch between apps for a quick comparison!

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