The Keyword Research Tool is located in the "Keywords" tab.

With this tool, it's easy to find new ideas of relevant keywords that you could use in your app's metadata.

πŸ’‘ All sections are explained in the tool tip, represented by a "?" - just click on it to get the explanation.

Let's go through the different options:

1. Search Bar

You can look for any keyword you already have in mind by manually typing it in the search bar.

πŸ’‘ If you have a huge list of keywords, you can paste that list in this search bar. Make sure that each keyword is separated by a comma!

2. App Metadata

When you click on "App Metadata", all the keywords that are currently in your app's Title, Subtitle/Short Description, and Description. The great part is that you can also see that information for apps that you've added as "competitors".

πŸ’‘ For iOS apps, you also have a "Guess Keyword Field" feature that will appear on your competitors' section. The idea is to make an educated guess regarding the keywords that your competitors have in their keyword field, which are not visible on the store.

To do that, our algorithm looks at all the ranked keywords of the app, calculates their density, takes out brands and stop words, and then lists the most repeated keywords until reaching 100 characters.

By clicking "Analyze all keywords", you will track all the keywords in the list and they will appear in the Analysis table below. You can also click on keywords one by one if you don't want to add all of them to the list.

πŸ’‘ If you have added more than one competitor, you can use the arrow next to the icon to toggle and select another competitor.

3. Top Search Terms

The section "Top Search Terms" shows up to 50 keywords on which you rank well and that also have a good volume. The idea is to show you the keywords that are potentially bringing a lot of organic downloads to your app. You can see the top keywords of your competitors as well.

In the US, the typo filter is activated by default. The typos of your brand name can bring many installs but you may not want to include all of them in your keyword list. If you still want to add typos, you can simply toggle the filter.

In the "Opportunity" tab on the left-hand side, you can see directly which keywords are driving downloads for your competitors but on which you don't currently rank.

The "Shared" keywords tab shows you the Top Keywords that you have in common with your competitors.

4. Ranked Keywords

The "Ranked Keywords" will show you all the keywords on which your app has been ranked at least one day in the last 3 months. This section is broken down by rank Top 1 to Top 100.

For instance, the Top 1 are keywords on which your app has been ranked #1 at least once in the past 3 months.

Next to each keyword, you also see the volume of that keyword directly, without having to track it (only for countries where Apple Search Ads are available).

As in the Top Search Terms picker, the typo filter is activated by default to show you the most relevant keywords. You can disable it if needed.

6. "Google auto-suggest" or "Apple auto-suggest": this section lets you type the beginning of any keyword, and see what Google and Apple will automatically suggest to users typing those same letters in the search bar of the Store.

7. Ad Campaigns (Apple Apps only)

The "Ad Campaigns" section shows you the keywords from your Search Ads campaigns you have been running for this app.

πŸ‘‰ Connect your Search Ads Console to AppTweak and fetch you ad keywords and their associated metrics by using this link to navigate to our Integrations tab.

8. Install Keywords (Google)

The "Install Keywords (Google) section you can discover the keywords that brought the most downloads to your app from Play Store search traffic!

πŸ‘‰ Connect your Google Play Console to AppTweak to see keywords now by clicking on this link to navigate to our Integrations tab.

Keyword Research: Show more +

By clicking "Show more", you can see several more sources of keyword suggestions.

9. Trending (Apple apps only)

"Trending" keywords are the keyword suggestions that Apple displays in the tab β€œSearch” before the user has started typing.

We fetch those keywords every two hours to show you terms that appeared the most often over the selected date range. We show a maximum of 50 keywords.

10. Story Keywords (Apple apps only)

"Story Keywords" are the keywords for which a story - when the selected app was featured - ranked on the last 90 days.

11. Semantic Keywords

"Semantic keywords" are keywords that are similar or related to a given keyword.

You can type in a keyword and get keyword suggestions related to that specific keyword.

12. Category

"Category" Keywords are the most popular keywords for which top apps in the specific category rank the highest. Only the categories associated with the selected apps are shown. You can switch between categories in the left menu.

13. Top Growth (Apple apps only)

"Top Growth" Keywords are the keywords that have experienced the biggest change in search volume over the last 7, 30, or 90 days.

You can choose to filter by 'Best Growth' to see trending keywords or 'Worst Growth' to see keywords that have lost traffic over the selected time period.

The number on the right indicates the volume at the start of the selected period vs the keyword's volume of today.

The arrow indicates the difference in search volume over the selected time period.

14. Keywords Shuffler

With the "Keyword Shuffler", you can easily create long-tail keyword combinations.

Enter up to 5 different keywords, click 'generate keywords' and automatically get all single, double, triple word combinations with these terms.

15. Google Organic Keywords (Web)

The "Google Organic Keywords" are the keywords searched on mobile web browsers that drive most downloads to your app worldwide.

πŸ‘‰ To access the keywords, you will need to sync your Google Play Console with AppTweak. Click on this link to do so!

Translate keywords from any language

If you're working on your app in a language you're not familiar with, don't miss out on our Auto Translate feature. With just a click, this little button will translate the keyword suggestions to English, French, Japanese, Korean, or Chinese (Simplified) depending on the language in which you've set your AppTweak tool. This will help you better select your keywords and focus on those that make the most sense for your app.

The translations are done by Google Translate and AppTweak will translate the top 50 keywords among the suggestions. Feel free to use the filters to narrow down your suggestions and have them all translated.

πŸ€“ Read our blog dedicated to this feature for more info

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