To enable you to research, analyze and monitor the keywords on which your app & competitors rank in the Stores, you can track keywords by creating keyword lists.

When you start setting up your account and you track keywords for the first time, they are automatically added to a keyword list, called "Keywords list 1" by default.

Note : learn how to use our keyword research tool here

The number in brackets is the number of keywords that are in your list (in this case, 197). To view the keywords, click on "Keyword Table", where you have a list of all keywords currently being tracked.

Note : "tracking" a keyword means that AppTweak fetches the related data every day (volume, rank etc.) and builds a history.

You can manage your list(s) in several ways :

  • Edit the name of a list

By clicking on the toggle button next to the list displayed, you have a view of all your lists. Click on the "Edit" button.

Once you have clicked on edit, you can rename the list and change the color assigned to it.

  • Add a new list : click on the "+" button to add a new list. Once that list is created, you can select keywords you want to track in that list by using the "Keyword Research" Tool.
  • Delete a list : to delete a list, simply delete all the keywords in that list by using the "delete all" button.

IMPORTANT: If you track the same keywords in several lists across the same app (same country, same store), it will only be counted once in the total number of keywords you track. The number of keywords you can track depends on your plan.

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