Go to the "Keyword" tab, into the "Monitor" section (from the left-hand side menu) and then click on "Keyword Impact".

The first graph shows an evolution of the number of installs you get from the list of keywords you are currently viewing, over time and compared to your competitors.

Note : Each vertical dotted lines corresponds to a new release of your app.

The Keyword Impact table shows the daily install growth, by app (you see if for your app or for competitors, by switching from app to app).

Note : Our organic installs are estimates, computed by an algorithm unique to AppTweak.

You first need to pick two dates, which will be used to calculate the growth.

! Note that the growth will be computed as follows :

Number of installs on Day 2 - Number of installs on Day 1

It is a growth comparing two days, not a growth computed over the average number of days in the period you chose.

You can see the Rank and Installs for each date, and the growth (positive or negative) for each.

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