Go to the "Keyword" tab and into the "Monitor" section, then click on "Brand vs Generic Installs" in the left-hand side menu.

In this section, you can check the number of organic installs the selected apps are getting from branded keywords or generic keywords. This analysis will help you understand which competitor has the highest brand awareness, which app is stealing away most downloads from competitor's branded keywords, and which app receives most downloads from generic keywords.

Competition Overview

The first section gives you an overview of the Installs distribution by type, for all the competitors you have added to your app.

The first graph displays the overall distribution of total installs per app (either coming from generic keywords, own brand keywords, or other brand keywords).

Installs Distribution by App

The second section displays the details of all installs and which keywords are generating them, by type of keywords, for each app (you can switch between apps to see the data). You can see the evolution over time, by adapting the date range.

⚠️ Like all other features in the Audit, Monitor and Optimize sections, these graphs are linked to the keyword list that you are currently viewing. If your list is disproportionately filled with a lot of keywords from one brand, that app will appear to outperform the others. Be careful to select your keyword list correctly when using this feature.

💡 Each time there is a table, you can scroll down to see all keywords in the table.

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