In addition to the performance metrics and indicators you can view in the Keyword Table, there are also two types of badges that will always show up next to the keywords :

  • B : this tag will appear when the keyword is considered as a branded term by our algorithm. On mouse over you'll be able to see what is the app that is associated to this brand. Check out this article to learn more about the branding algorithm.

  • M : this tag will appear when the keyword is mentioned in the app's metadata. The badge is only displayed if all the terms of the keyword are in the current title, subtitle or short description of the app. For example, the app Twitch: Live Game Streaming will have a metadata tag next to the keywords: "streaming", "live game", "live streaming" and "game streaming".

How can I see the metadata tag?

1. Select your app and open the tab "Keywords".

2. Create a new list.

3. Expand the "Metadata" tab in the Keyword Research section and pick the keywords you want to add to your new keyword list.

4. Close the Keyword Research section and scroll down to the Keyword Table.

You can now see if the keyword is in the current metadata of your app!

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