In the "Keyword" tab, select the "Position Map" in the vertical menu on the left-hand side. You will see a Competitors Position Map and a Keywords Position Map.

This tab shows the visibility of apps based on Today's ranks : it does not take historical data into account. To view historical data, you need to go into the Monitor section.

  • The Competitors Position Map

On this graph, you can see

- Which app has the highest average rank (y-axis) : the higher the average rank, the higher the position of the icon on the graph

- Which app is ranked on the highest amount of keywords (x-axis) : the bigger the number of keywords on which you rank, the further right the app is located.

So ideally, you'd want to be located on the top right quadrant.

- Which app gets the more organic installs : the bigger the size of the app icon, the more downloads the app gets from being ranked on the keywords in the list.

! This position is based on the keywords in the keyword list you are currently viewing, not on all keywords on which the app(s) rank(s).

You can click on competitor's name in the legend to remove them from the graph.

  • The Keywords Position Map

This graph is helpful to visualize which keywords in your list are opportunities and how well you rank overall. It's all information that is in the Keyword Table, but this gives you a visual picture of the whole.

You can view the data for your app or for your competitors (one app at a time) - and you can choose to display the keyword position by Chance Score, Difficulty Score or by Rank.

Each time, the keywords are grouped (color-coded) by rank as well (legend below the graph). Here again, you can click on a particular group to hide it from the graph.

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