It can be difficult to estimate the share of App Store Browse traffic that can be attributed to a featuring. Once again, we aim to simplify ASO for our users by providing a small formula to help measure the impact of featurings.

In the Impact section of the Browse tab, AppTweak will provide an estimation of the uplift that your app gained by being featured in a story in the tab 'Today' of the App Store.

⚡️ This is a premium feature for Power plans and above.

⚠️ To see the data for this section, you will need to sync your App Store Connect account with AppTweak to measure the impact of being featured in a story.

👉 Connect your App Store Connect to AppTweak!

In this section, you can filter by Downloads, Page Views, and Impressions and select your preferred date range.

In the graph below, you can filter your data by taking a look at the Downloads, Page Views, and Impressions in correlation with when you were Featured in the Today tab.

In this example, we're taking a look at an app that was featured April 10th and the impact it had on the Downloads. As you can see on April 10th, there was a huge spike in downloads because of the featuring.

In the Featurings table below provides an estimation of the number of downloads, page views, and impressions gained from each story.

⚠️ The views don't refer to a specific app, they are an indicator of how much visibility the featuring got.

The goal of the two graphs is to see if the app is appearing 10 times in small featurings that have no views or on big featurings that have huge visibility.

You can also switch the view from Unit Growth to Percentage growth and see the impact of the featuring by percentages as well.

How do we attribute traffic to a featuring?

We take the median daily downloads (or product page views/impressions, depending on the selected metric) over the last 30 days and then compare this number with the value on the date of the featuring. If the variation is positive, we consider the uplift to be attributed to the featuring.

Of course, this is just an estimation. The formula is not yet perfect and could be skewed by other extraneous variables that may affect your app’s ‘Browse’ traffic during the same period as the featuring.

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