Once you have connected your Google Reviews integration (make sure to follow the apps you integrated otherwise we won't start fetching the reviews) you can start replying to your app reviews!

Reply to your reviews in the Reviews & Ratings section

Once the integration is completed, go in the Reviews & Ratings section on AppTweak. You will be able to reply to reviews from the sections Reviews and Phone View

You will see the button "give an answer to this review" to every unanswered review.

If you click on it, you will be able to give the reply of your choice and click on "submit" once you're done.

Edit a reply to change its content

Once you have published a reply it may happen that you are not entirely satisfied with your answer or that new things came up that will make you want to edit your past replies.

This is why you can also use the editing feature for each reply you published. You only have to click on the edit symbole next to your reply:

⚠️ For Android apps, unlike Apple, you can't delete a reply once it has been published. You will always be able to edit it but you cannot erase from the store. ⚠️

💡 Keep in mind that some reviews no longer exist in the store but are shown in AppTweak (so that you don't miss any feedback on your app). As a result, you won't be able to answer to these reviews.

How long it takes to see your review in the play store

Once your reply on AppTweak, it won't take long before you see it in the store (already published after a couple of minutes), you may see this "pending" status appear but once it is marked as "published" it means that your reply has been published on the store:

How we compute new replies

According to the plan you subscribed to, you have a fixed number of replies. Each time you write a new reply you will use one of them. However, if you edit a reply, your count won't be impacted.

You get an amount of replies each month but each reply will be recovered after 30 days. Meaning, if you have used all your replies on the 5th of January, you will have to wait until the 5th of February to get all your replies back.

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