The Ad Campaigns tab in our Keyword Research tool will enable you to import keywords from your search ads campaigns in just a click. This tab can be found in the keyword research tool for any app on the Apple App Store.

❗️ To access these insights you first have to connect your Apple Search Ads Console to AppTweak. The steps to follow are detailed in this article.

Once your Search Ads Console is synced with your AppTweak account you will be able to import the keywords from your search ads campaigns. AppTweak will fetch all the campaigns keywords that are available for the given app in the given country.

⚠️ Some AdBlockers also block the content of this feature. Please deactivate your Ad Blockers to see data in this tab.

Why isn't my data showing?

There are multiple reasons why you can't see your integration data in AppTweak:

  • If you've recently established the integration, it might take up to 24 - 48 hours for AppTweak to fully fetch all the data and display it in the tool. If you've recently integrated your consoles, please check back within 24 hours.

  • Each user has their own individual dashboard. Therefore, if your colleague integrates a console, it will only show up on their dashboard. Every user has to integrate the Developer Console individually.

  • The verification code provided by Apple is only valid for 30 days. Therefore you need to re-verify your account every 30 days. To re-verify your account navigates to My Account > Integrations and click on the “reverify” link that will automatically appear next to the integrations that are expired.

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