On the Keyword Tab, under Optimize, is a sub-section named Metadata which is entirely dedicated to the simulation of the final keywords selection after you made your keywords research.

From there, select the keywords you would consider adding to your App Name, Subtitle, and iTunes Connect Keyword field (short and long description for Google Play).

💡 Try to select the most relevant keywords, with high KEIs or high Volume and potential good rankings. 

After selecting the keywords for each metadata field, there is a bar at the bottom of the screen that shows you the Character Count and Global KEI. Thanks to the Character Count, you will know when you reach the character limit. The Global KEI is the addition of all selected keywords’ KEI together. Try to come up with the highest global KEI possible!

Feel free to click on the 'Copy to clipboard' button to copy these keywords.

No need to switch to another program anymore (Excel, Google Sheets, character counter, etc.) anymore, everything is in one place! 

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