1. What is the App Power?

The "App Power" is a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) that shows the overall performance of an app in the store. The objective of the App Power is to enable you to compare any apps in the store, even if they don't rank in the same category.

The App Power is built on a scale from 0-100, 100 being the highest score and 0 the lowest. A high App Power means that an app is performing well in the given country and that it probably has a high download rate.

The App Power is country and store specific, which means that the same app can have different App Powers in different countries (typically if it is performing well in a country and not so well in another).

To build the "App Power", and tell you how powerful an app really is, AppTweak takes a look at different factors such as the app's category rankings, the category's level of competitiveness, the country's level of competitiveness, the download estimates of the app, etc.

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The App Power provides you with a neutral and accurate indication of any app's overall performance in the store. It allows you to measure and compare under one KPI apps from different categories. Therefore, by examining the App Power History, you can understand more about the progression of your app and your competitors' performance over time.

💡Regularly check the progress of your competitors' App Power can help you react quickly to any of their marketing campaigns. If a competitor's App Power is growing, it means that the app is gaining in popularity. You want to closely monitor that app's marketing actions and check if it's worth counteracting. If an app's App Power is declining, it means the app is losing ground in the given country. If it's your app, there's definitely some action needed to get your app back on track!

2. Why does my app have an App Power of zero?

To build the App Power, AppTweak takes different factors into account, including the app's category ranking which plays a huge role in the performance of an app. If your app is unranked in its main category (or ranks very low), it is likely to have an App Power of zero.

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