Our Filter bar will be a great help to manage your keyword lists and perform bulk actions.

It is hidden by default, you must, therefore, click on "Show filters" to display it.

Once the filters are displayed, several options are possible:

  • You can look for a specific keyword in the list ("Filter by keyword" option)
  • You can look for a specific volume, or a volume range ("Filter by volume" option)
  • You can look for a specific rank, or a rank range ("Filter by rank" option)
  • You can choose to display keywords by type: branded vs non-branded ("Filter by branded" option)

You need to click on "Apply" to activate the filter and on "Clear" to remove it. This will check or uncheck the box next to to the keyword (far left of the table).

Once you have applied a filter and keywords are selected, you can use the "delete" action represented by the bin icon on the right of the filter bar.

You can also use the star icon to "Star" keywords which is a second way of filtering keywords besides checking the boxes.

Finally, you can copy the selection of keywords that corresponds to your filters.

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