Under your name in the top right corner, click on the drop-down menu > Account Settings > Integrations

In the Integrations section, you can:

  • easily track all of your integrations

  • add, update, or delete integrations

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How to navigate your integrations page

The integrations page provides you with an overview of your connected App Store Connect and Google Play Console accounts. Connecting these accounts will allow you to sync your own apps with AppTweak (statistics, peer groups, reviews and more).

Learn more about the benefits of connecting your console with AppTweak here.

To view the accounts that are connected expand the tab of the corresponding console. Next to the account name you can see the number of apps linked to this account.

Expanding the view further shows the connected apps as well as the roles and permissions (only in App Store Connect).

Additionally you can check when the integrated data was last updated by AppTweak by clicking on the clock icon next to the app name.

How do I add an integration?

To add an integration you can either click on the “Connect my apps” button and select the console (App Store Connect, Google Report, etc.) you wish to connect, or click directly on the “Add an integration” button next to the corresponding console.

Find more information on how to set up the different integrations here.

How do I delete an integration?

To delete an integration, click on the bin icon.

You will then be asked if you are sure about deleting the integration, confirm by clicking the "OK" button.

How to understand the different statuses?

Console successfully connected

Your account is successfully connected. You are now able to see your real data in various areas of the tool (for example: Analytics, Reviews, Keywords, as well as App and Market Intelligence).


The integration was done recently. It will take around 48 hours until it will be successfully connected and you will be able to see your integrated data.


  • Two-Factor authentication required (App Store Connect)

The connection with Apple with the Two-Factor Authentication is valid for 30 days. You will need to re-verify your account every month if you want to AppTweak to still have access to your Apple console. You can do this by clicking on the "Verify" link.

  • Two-Factor authentication not configured (App Store Connect)

Apple requires two-factor authentication for logging into App Store Connect which is not yet configured for your account. You need to enable the Two-Factor Authentication by adding a phone number or a trusted device otherwise you will not be able to enter into App Store Connect again.

  • Deprecated authorization

Your integration is outdated. To update it, reconnect your account by clicking on the "Reconnect" link

  • Permission denied (Google Report)

It looks like you do not have the necessary permissions to connect this account. Make sure you have the right permissions or ask your console admin to check them for you. You need at least Financial Data permission.

  • Invalid credentials

There seems to be an issue with your credentials. For technical reasons, you can't update your credentials for the current integration. When clicking on "Update Credentials" we will delete your integration and you will be able to add a new one using the right credentials.

  • Still pending

The integration is still pending despite being created some time ago. We recommend you delete this integration and connect your account again to resolve this issue.

  • Unknown Error

There seems to be an issue with the integration that is not covered by the other error messages. But don't worry we will help you to resolve it and set up your integration correctly. Reach out to our Customer Success team by clicking on the "Contact support" link.

How to share an integration within a workspace?

To allow other members of your company to view data from your integrated App Store Connect or Google Console account, you can share an integration in a workspace. This means, that only one user has to set up the integration, while all members of a workspace can access the integrated data.

To share an integration, go to your integrations page and click on the Share with workspace button.

Select one or more accounts you wish to share and the workspace you want to share them in. Then click Share to complete the process.

It is also possible to "unshare" a workspace. To do so, click Share with workspace and select an integration plus a workspace that this specific integration is already shared in. Now you should be able to see an Unshare button instead of the Share button.

Tip: The user badge next to the account name, shows you how many and which workspaces the integration is shared with.

Where can I see the integrations that are shared with me within a workspace?

On your integrations page there are two tabs My integrations and Shared integrations.

  • My Integrations: Here you see all the integrations that you did on your AppTweak account. You can share them within a workspace, update or delete them.

  • Shared Integrations: Here you see all the integrations that are shared with you within a workspace. Since these are not your integrations you cannot share, update or delete them.

What's next?

AppTweak's Privacy Policy

Be 100% reassured, your credentials are encrypted and safely stored. We do not collect, store or process any data that can be tied to individuals. We collect, store, and process data related to our client mobile applications, such as the aggregate number of impressions and page views.

To read more information on our Consoles Integrations Privacy Policy, please use this link.

Read more about our Privacy Policy and FAQ: Integrations.

Have any other questions? Please reach out to info@apptweak.com.

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