AppTweak's Consoles Integrations Privacy Policy

The data we are fetching from Apple/Google consoles are not personal. We do not collect, store or process any data that can be tied to individuals. We collect, store, and process data related to our client mobile applications, such as the aggregate number of impressions and page views. We are not able to associate these numbers with individual human beings.

We have no demographic details available to us, even at the aggregate level. Therefore, these data follow the HIPAA/GDPR guidelines. Once we have those data, we store them and make them available to the client that made the integration, and only them.

All data is anonymized, which means any data that our algorithm uses does not have a name or any sort of personal information tied to it. It is also encrypted for extra security.

Data is used in our algorithms, which process data to create benchmarks and estimations. Storing this anonymous data is important to the tool, as it is the only way we can provide the user with benchmarks and estimates. Because of the way our tool works, there is no option to opt-out. When you integrate, your data's privacy is protected, and your anonymous data is used to benchmark your app and improve your ASO. You can always choose to remove your integration and your data will no longer be entered into AppTweak's algorithms.

Any previous data that AppTweak received cannot be removed. This means that the previous data that we received will continue to feed benchmark data for past dates, but as soon as you remove your integration, we will no longer have access to your data and will not use it for our estimates.

Read more about our Privacy Policy and FAQ: Integrations.

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