AppTweak highlights the sentiment behind your most repeated keywords. This helps you quickly identify what people like or dislike about your app and gives you an edge over your competition.

Go to the Reviews & Ratings tab, click on the section Sentiment Analysis.

In this sentiment analysis, you can take a look at the following:

  • Most Repeated Keywords

  • Most Positive Keywords

  • Most Negative Keywords

  • Most Trended Keywords

In each tab, we provide a quick analysis behind each of these sentiments.

⚠️ Note: To be able to use the Sentiment Analysis feature, you need to have words repeated at least 5 times across your reviews. If you don't have enough, we suggest you take a larger date range for your analysis.

Summary & Sentiment Position Map

The Summary provides a quick overview of your apps' total reviews and average review rating for the selected date range. By default the selected date range shows the total number of reviews received in the last 90 days. You can always change the date range in the top right corner.

The Sentiment Word cloud maps those keywords that are mentioned most often in the reviews on a grid. The color code helps to easily analyze whether these keywords are associated with positive or negative reviews.

Note: For iOS apps, the star rating and total reviews are shown for the country you have selected. Android does not split reviews on a country by country level so the total number of reviews displayed on AppTweak is the number of worldwide reviews.

💡 If you see too many irrelevant words, you can also click on them in order to hide them and make appear less repeated words

What people are saying

In this section, we list the keywords that were repeated most often in your app reviews for the selected filters. For each keyword, you can quickly gauge user sentiment and how this word is trending over time.

When you click on 'Show reviews'. AppTweak gives a shortcut to directly access the corresponding reviews based on that keyword in order to better understand the context in which users are using these words.

Filter your review analysis by keyword or average star rating

Want to analyze how your negative reviews have been trending over time? Or want to understand trends in reviews related to certain keywords such as "bug" or "crash" or "service"? Use our filters at the top of the page to customize your analysis.

Note: When searching specific keywords, make sure you use a space to search for phrases. When searching multiple keywords in a review, use a comma to separate the keywords.

Find out what users are saying about your competitors

It is always very useful to know what user like or dislike about your competition. It helps you avoid making the same mistakes and maybe learn which functionalities their users require the most.

Want to monitor your app's reviews over time? Check out this article!

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