Through Slack, you have the option to receive a daily ASO Report & Smart Insights.

How to add Slack integration to receive notifications by Slack

1. Under the drop-down menu of your name on the top right corner, click on 'Notifications'.

2. Select the channel you’d like to receive the notifications in (or create one in your Slack beforehand) and click 'Allow'

3. Your Slack integration is now ready! You can now choose to receive the Daily ASO Report or Smart Insights by Slack. If you only want to receive one or the other, tick the box next to whichever notification.

You can revoke the Slack integration anytime by clicking on 'Revoke access'.

What is the ASO Report?

The ASO Daily Report is a report sent on a daily basis that gathers how your apps have been performing in their category rankings and top & worst keyword ranking progressions. In just a glance, you can see if there have been any big unusual movements on your apps’ rankings across all followed countries and take action if necessary.

What Smart Insights does AppTweak detect?

With our Smart Insights feature, we will notify you of every major update in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can choose to see these Smart Insights in your AppTweak dashboard or receive them through the Slack integration.

More specifically, the Smart Insights feature notifies you:

  • If one of your followed apps or competitors made a change in its metadata

  • If one of your followed apps or competitors was or will be featured

  • If one of your apps or competitors received an unusually high number of new ratings

  • If we detected an algorithm change in the Apple or Play Store in one of your followed countries that can have an impact on keyword rankings

How to customize the Smart Insights I receive via Slack?

You can choose to receive Smart Insights from only those apps that matter most to you. To customize your Smart Insights alerts, follow these steps.

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