With our Smart Insights feature, we will notify you of every major update in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

We wanted to simplify the process of users getting started with our Smart Insights. Therefore, no setup is needed. AppTweak automatically detects the changes that are worth highlighting for your followed apps and markets.

How to customize your Smart Insights notifications & receive updates through Email or Slack notifications

1. Under the ASO Intelligence header, you will see the sub-header titled Smart Insights. You will be directed to the Smart Insights News Feed.

👉 Not sure how to navigate your Smart Insights Newsfeed? Check out this article!

2. Click on 'Configure notifications'.

3. In this 'Configure notifications' setting, under Customize notifications, you can customize the notifications you'd like to receive from the apps you're following. You can even include the competitors you've added to that app!

4. Under 'Push notification settings', you can activate push notifications and choose where to receive alerts.

You can choose to receive your notifications via Slack or Email. If you did not integrate Slack with AppTweak yet, click on 'Manage Slack Integration' to finalize the setup.

👉 Haven't set up your Slack Integration yet? Follow these steps on how to set up your Slack Integration!

How to disable Slack notifications and email reports

If you do not longer wish to receive Slack notifications and daily & weekly email reports, you can easily do so!

1. On the Smart Insights News Feed, click on Configure Notifications, which is where you initially set up the AppTweak Slack Integration and ticked the box for daily and weekly email reports.

2. Click on the sub-header 'Push notifications options'. To no longer receive daily report emails, tick the box next to 'Email'.

3. To no longer receive real-time Slack notifications, click on 'Manage Slack integration'. You will be re-directed to your Settings.

What Smart Insights does AppTweak detect?

  • If one of your followed apps or competitors made a change in its metadata

  • If one of your followed apps or competitors was or will be featured

  • If one of your apps or competitors received an unusually high number of new ratings

  • If we detected an algorithm change in the Apple or Play Store in one of your followed countries that can have an impact on keyword rankings

  • If we detected unusual ranking movements for the keywords you follow.

Of course, this is just the beginning! Feel free to share any idea of Smart Insight that you would find helpful.

How to set up the AppTweak Slack Integration

Follow these steps on how to set up your AppTweak Slack Integration.

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