As an Admin of your account, you can easily get an overview of your Overall Team Usage and each User Usage by going to the drop-down menu under your name "Account Settings > Manage Team"

Overall Team Usage

The number of apps, keywords, and competitors tracked across all users assigned to your company account.

User Usage

Each user has their own personal dashboard where they can track apps and keywords. dashboards or accounts cannot be shared between or viewed by different users.

How to create a new User?

In the Manage Team Settings, click on the blue box that states 'Create a user'.

If you'd like to also make a user an Admin when filling out the General Information click on 'Admin'.

Why can't I create a new user?

Only Admins of an account have access to the Manage Team section. If you'd like to become an Admin, please contact the Admin of your account and they can make you an Admin in the Manage Team settings.

If I add a new user, how can they see the apps & keywords I have added?

Each user has an independent dashboard. However, if you wish to have a shared dashboard for your users, you can follow these steps:

  • Create a new account to be shared with users: i.e
  • Then share credentials (email and password) with all users
  • Ask all users to work in the same account

This way you'll have everything in one place!

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