The ASO Score is a score given by AppTweak that serves as a checklist for new users to easily identify how well an app follows the ASO best practices in terms of the format. Therefore, the score is not an indication of the performance of an app.

On the Overview tab, you will find the ASO Score of the app you are currently analyzing.

How the ASO Score is Calculated

The ASO score is a scale from 0 - 100%. It is calculated by allocating points on certain elements of your metadata. The elements used to compute the ASO Score are:

  • App name
  • Short name (Google Play Store) or Subtitle (App Store)
  • App description
  • Screenshots
  • Promo video (Google Play Store) or App Preview (App Store)
  • App details (size of the app)
  • Backlinks (Google Play Store) or Versions (App Store)

What do the colors mean?

The ASO score uses four colors to highlight each of the metadata elements of your app:

1. Red: This color indicates the lowest score you can receive based on the format. Therefore, you should watch out after these elements.

2. Yellow: It indicates a median score for the format. It also indicates that there is still room available for improving the field. For example, you can still add some characters or screenshots

3. Green: The green indicates the highest score you can get for the ASO score as it indicates maximum utilization of the ASO format.

4. Grey: The grey color applies to 3 metadata elements: Keyword Density, App Icon, and Backlinks (Google Play Store only). These elements are not taken into consideration to calculate the ASO score, however, it is important that you keep an eye on them because they can also influence the perception versus other competitors.

The ASO Score also allows you to easily compare yourself against competitors. In every field of the ASO Score, you will be able to compare your format versus other apps.

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