Quickly identify in which countries your competitors have a strong presence or in which countries local apps are dominating the Top Charts.

  • Top Apps Across Countries: The first row shows an aggregated view and indicates which app ranks the highest among all the selected countries.

  • Filter to see all apps in the top 5, 10, 100 or 200

  • Dense View: To see the app names of the top ranking apps, click on 'wide view' in the filter section.

  • Top Charts History (Rank view): Want to know who dominated the top charts one month ago? Simply choose a different date in the top right! The growth indicator next to each app icon indicates the difference between rankings for the app on the selected day and today.

  • Top Charts History (Growth view): To see which apps increased the most in terms of ranking between two dates, you can use the Growth view and select the dates you want to compare.

  • Top charts history: For each top chart, you will be able to see the Top chart history showing overtime which apps reached the top positions. You will find this view by clicking on the clock icon, available at the top of each top chart.

  • top chart trend: the Top chart trend shows how the current top 10 evolved overtime. You will find this view by clicking on the graph icon, available at the top of each top chart.

More about our data

Every day, AppTweak fetches the Top Charts of all categories in 70+ different countries. Therefore, AppTweak has the list of apps and their rank in any category of the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, in any country, and at any date.

To calculate the section “Top apps across Countries”, each app is given a certain number of points based on its category rank in a country. The higher the rank, the higher the number of points attributed. The points of each app are then summed across the countries of the market. Apps with the highest total of points are considered the top apps across the given countries.

Next, find out what it will take for your app to reach top chart rankings with the Downloads to Top feature.

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