Sometimes, you may launch a big marketing campaign or change your keyword field, events that we cannot represent on graphs. However, with our annotation feature, you can directly add notes to remember when these events took place.

Where you can find this feature

You will find this feature in all the sections of ASO Intelligence. Only the graphs in pop-ups (Ranking history and Volume history graph) will not have the graph annotations.

Each note is created for one app, one store, one country. It means that you cannot create a note in Germany and expect this note to be on your graph if you switch to Belgium.

If you add a note on one of your graphs, it will be added on all your graphs. As a result, the notes will be the same no matter on which graph you added them. This way, you won’t need to add the same note over and over.

You will notice a button above all graphs named “Chart Notes”:

How to use this feature

When you are analyzing a graph, you may remember that you changed your keyword field on a specific date and it may have impacted your downloads in a specific country. The best thing to do is to add a note on this particular date.

If you click on the plus button, you will see this pop-up appear:

You will be able to write, for instance, the keyword field you added, plus an explanation of why you chose this list. Keep in mind that the limit for each note is 255 characters.

Once it’s done, don’t forget to select the right date and the right colour! Indeed, you may want to associate a colour with a type of event. Let’s say blue for Marketing campaign events and yellow for keyword field changes

Last but not least, when you create a note, it will be a private note meaning that you will be the only one seeing this note for this app. However, if you want to share it with the other users of this account, you can decide to tick the box “Share” in order for this note to be visible to other users.

Once you have saved your note, you will see it appear on your graph on the date you selected:

How to edit or delete a note

You can also edit or delete a note that is outdated or incomplete. To do so you can click on the “Chart Notes” button:

In this pop-up, you can see a summary of all the notes created for the date range selected and actions you can take for each of them.

If you click on the bin icon, you will delete this note:

If you click on the edit button, you will be able to edit your note, change the date, change the bubble colour or change the privacy settings

💡Be careful, a shared note can only be deleted or edited by the user who created it.

However, you can adapt or edit private notes as you wish.

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