The Update Frequency Benchmark is a great way to understand how often your competitors and top apps in your category update their metadata.

Go to Update Frequency Benchmark in the Metadata tab. There are two views in this section: Compare with Competitors & Compare with Benchmark.

Compare with Competitors

In this view, you can compare your metadata update frequency with your competitors over a selected date range. By default, we provide all of the changes in the past year. However, you can use the date picker to select your preferred date range you like to take a look at.

In the spider chart, you can easily identify which competitor updated which metadata element most often.

For example, in the past year (January 15th, 2020 to January 15th, 2021), HBO Max (Apple Store, United States) updated their Subtitle 5 times compared to its competitor, Disney+ (Apple Store, United States) who only updated its Subtitle once.

You can always toggle the apps' names in the legend below the chart to view the data for specific apps only.

On the right side, you can see summary cards showing how often each competitor updated each metadata element for the selected date range.

Compare with Benchmark

Note: This feature is only available for Power plans.

In this view, you can compare your app's metadata update frequency with the top apps in your category over a selected date range.

In the spider chart, you can analyze if your strategy is aligned with the rest of the category by taking a look at the update frequency of the Top 5, Top 10, or Top 30 apps in your category.

In the past year (January 15th, 2020 to January 15th, 2021), Disney+ (Apple Store, United States) have only changed their screenshots 3 times whereas the Entertainment Category Benchmark is around 11.4 times.

Note: The Category Benchmark is calculated over the fixed period of 2019. Therefore, when you change the date range, we will show you the data for your app during the date range selected. For the benchmark, we take the information for 2019 and extrapolate the data on the same date range. As a result, you can compare similar situations. However, we recommend looking at a minimum of 3 months for a good understanding of the situation

Apps with the most metadata updates

If you would like to gain some inspiration on the specific updates some of the top apps are making, we added a table below to show the apps that are changing their metadata the most often.

Click on the specific app name to take a look at their metadata history.


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