Our App Intelligence dashboard allows you to build reports that compare the performance of several apps across countries and stores.

Benchmark downloads against competitor estimates.

In the Downloads section you can analyze your app's downloads with competitor estimates across all countries you've selected in the report.

If you have connected your app store consoles to AppTweak you'll see your real app downloads (full dot), which are First-time downloads for Apple and Daily Device Installs for Google. If you don't integrate your consoles you'll see estimates for your app (empty dot).

  • Filter by store or choose to see an aggregated view across both stores

  • Don't want to see an aggregated country view, click 'Add Filter' and only select that countries you would like see the downloads for.

  • Switch views to see the data in a stack graph or table view

Monitor Category Rankings across countries

In the Category Rank section you can compare category rankings with your competitors across all countries in one view.

Top Charts: Monitor your app's and competitor's position in the top charts across countries

  • View Filter: Choose to view the top charts for your app's only or choose to see the top 5, 10, 100 of each category

  • Category Filter: Choose a different category

  • Dense view: Uncheck 'Dense View' to see the app's names alongside the app icon

Ranking History: Compare your app's category ranking across countries or with competitors

  • View by Country: View the selected app's category ranking history by country in one single graph.

  • View by App: Compare your app's category ranking with competitor's for each country.

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