Our App Intelligence add-on allows you to monitor keyword performance across countries.

Daily Installs from Keywords

By filtering the data on which Store, App, and Country you'd like to see, the graph will display the total number of installs that we estimate the app is receiving from the list of keywords you can see below.

Keyword Visibility Across Countries

Change the view filter to compare your keyword visibility across countries and see a position map.

The y-axis represents keyword volume, the x-axis the number of ranked keywords and the size of the circle represents the total number of organic installs these keywords drive to your app.

Ex. In the example above we can see that for the selected keyword list, My Food App ranks for most keywords in the US (English). Even though My Food App ranks for fewer keywords in US (Spanish), the number of organic installs is almost the same. Suggesting that My Food App has higher rankings on those keywords in US (Spanish)

Keyword Metrics

Below you can see a summary of the most important keyword metrics for the selected app for each country.

Keyword Lists by Country

The Keywords Lists by Country allow you to monitor keyword volume, rankings and installs for each country/language combination side by side.

By default we've generated a keyword list with 15 keywords (no more/no less) for each country/ language combination. The country/language combinations are derived as follows:

  • For each country, we look at the existing languages.

  • From these language we exclude the default English (unless it's the only language in the country)

  • Ex : When selecting Belgium you'll see a keyword list 'Belgium (FR)' and 'Belgium (NL)'. When selecting France you'll only see one keyword list 'France (FR)'.

The keyword lists are generated automatically but you edit your keyword lists by clicking on the red 'edit' button.

When editing your keyword list, just type the keywords you would like to track and click 'confirm'.

Keyword Ranking History by Country

If you click on the chart icon next to a specific keyword you can monitor the keyword ranking history country by country in one single view!

Ex. My Food App ranked #84 on the keyword 'food delivery' in the United States and #128 in the United Kingdom.

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