Our App Intelligence add-on allows you to monitor keyword performance across countries.

By filtering the data on which Store, App, and Country you'd like to see, the graph will display the total number of installs that we estimate the app is receiving from the list of keywords.

Total daily installs estimate for Uber Eats in the Google Play Store across Canada and the United States.

The keyword list that we have generated measures your keyword visibility across countries and language. You can switch the list by looking at the Installs or Rank and edit your lists to focus on specific keywords you'd like to look at.

There is one keyword list per country/language combination in the report. The country/language combinations in the report derive from the selected countries:

  • For each country, we look at the existing languages.
  • From these language we exclude the default English
  • Unless it's the only language in the country
  • Ex : BE → FR, NL; FR → FR,

The lists are limited to 15 keywords (no more/no less) and are pre-filled with keywords from the apps metadata (across all apps in the report).

How we have generated this keyword list per country/language:

  • Titles on iOS for each app in the same order as they were added to the report
  • Titles on Android (excluded keywords that are already in the list)
  • Subtitles on iOS
  • Short descriptions on Android
  • Descriptions on iOS
  • Descriptions on Android

IMPORTANT: If the only app(s) in the report don't exist in the selected countries (i.e Hulu in Germany), we take the top 15 trending keywords in the country as keyword list.

From the keyword lists, we have created a cross-country count chart that shows all the Ranked Keywords, Total Installs, Average Volume, and Best Keyword.

Cross country count of Uber Eats in the Google Play Store across Canada- English, Canada- French, United States - English, and United States - Spanish.

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