Now that you have created an export, it's important to understand how to analyze the data!

Haven't created an export yet? Get started on how to customize your very own exports.

How to navigate our Export System

With our export system, you can now create a personalized export with the apps and data of your choice.

After you selected all the data sets you wish to analyze, you will be re-directed to the Exports landing page where all of your requested exports will be saved.

Once your export is downloaded, this is what the folder looks like:

There is one folder per App ID and another folder that regroups all the data from the Apple and Google Console integrations. Within each App ID folder, you have a folder per country - language which contains all the CSV (Comma Separated Values) files you selected.

⚠️ Important: The Exports are in CSV files. The files are formatted and structured in a standard way to make them compatible with any BI tool. If you wish to convert it to an Excel file, check out this article to do so.

How to analyze the data within the exports

In regards to Keyword exports, you will have access to a Keywords Condensed file regrouping all the data from keywords and the Split Keywords folder that includes Keywords Rankings, Keywords Stats, and Keywords Volume History.

This Keywords Condensed file (Disney+, United States, Google Play) shows all of the data regarding the respective keyword list including important keyword indicators (Volume, Difficulty, KEI, Chance).

Note: If you tick the 'Include Competitor's Data' when building your report, you will also see all of your respective competitors that you have added for each App ID.

In this Overview file (Disney+, United States, Google Play) because we have included our competitors' data, Hulu and Netflix, all of the metadata updates within the selected date range is displayed.

In regards to the Reviews and Ratings export, you will have access to all of the reviews and ratings given the date range you have exported, average reviews and ratings of the day, in addition to the total new reviews and total ratings.

This Reviews stats file (Disney+, United States, Google Play) shows all of the given data within the past week. (May 11, 2020 - May 18, 2020)

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