We are so excited to be launching our new, revamped export system! It's never been easier to export all your data from AppTweak.

Our mission with this revamp is to speed up the process of downloading a full report without having to go on each app page to export the full report.

You can export any app's ASO report into a CSV file.

On your dashboard, simply click on the "New export".

You can choose through all of your followed apps and pick the countries you are interested in.

Next, select all the data you'd like to choose in your exports. You can even choose to include all of the competitors you've added in each followed app's data by checking the 'include competitor's data' box.

Make sure you to also select the appropriate date range.

The last step is to confirm the data you wish to export!

If you only wish to export data from one app in one country, you can go to the respective app page. You will then directly pick the data you wish to export from this app.

Moreover, if you'd like to download the same export but within a different date range, all you have to do is go on your Exports page and click 'Export another date range'.

If you're interested in exporting specific charts, all of the charts on AppTweak can be exported as a PNG image or CSV file.

You can export the Disney + (United States, Apple Store) App Power History by downloading the chart as a PNG image or exporting the data as a CSV File.

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