By integrating your Google Play Console to AppTweak you will be able to see your real downloads and uninstalls data instead of estimates, your app's conversion rate by country and by channel; and the retention rate by country and channel. 

Steps to integrate your Google Play Console on AppTweak:

1. Go to My Account > Integrations > Add my new Integration.

2. Select 'Google Play' from the dropdown

3. Find your Storage Bucket ID and enter it the required field

4. Sign in to your Google Account and Confirm the integration


  • Please note that the email has to have the Role: Finance. This means that the sections "View app information" and "View financial data" have to be selected Globally (not just selected apps). The minimum access is Global "View app information" and by app "View financial data".
  • The "View app information" has to be selected in the first column for it to change to "Global".
  • It can take 24 to 48 hours for your data to appear on your account.

Find out which kind of information you can unlock when you integrate your consoles!

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