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What's the difference between the App Store API,, and Console Data API?

App Store API (new version)

The App Store API is the new API released by AppTweak to get access to all the data powering This represents more than 3 million apps from App Store and Play Store in 100+ countries.

You can get access to this API if you have an AppTweak's ASO Pro subscription or above. API (version to become deprecated)

The API from is the old version of the App Store API. You can also get access to the data powering This represents more than 3 million apps from App Store and Play Store in 100+ countries.

This API can be purchased separately from AppTweak's ASO tool. This API will be maintained but no additional endpoints will be released in the future.

Console Data API

The Console Data API is an API connected to your AppTweak account which allows you to fetch information connected to your account. You can find your unique API Token in your Profile Settings!

You can get access to this API from AppTweak's ASO Starter subscription onwards.

Does my ASO Subscription come with the App Store API?

To get access to the API, you need an AppTweak Pro ASO plan or above (Guru, Power or Enterprise). ASO Starter plans have no access to the API.

What is the pricing for the API?

Pro plans and above (Guru, Power, and Enterprise) will receive 25,000 monthly credits with their ASO subscription for free.

On top of the included 25,000 API credits, dedicated API add-on plans are available.

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How do the App Store API credits work?

You will pay a fee of 1 credit for each request that you’ll make in the App Store API. If you don’t get an error, you’ll only pay for the data that you get. If we don’t have the data, we won’t charge you beyond the 1 credit for the request.

I would like to move my current credits to the new App Store API. What are the next steps?

For now, we recommend keeping your current subscription on since we are still working on adding more data. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to and our team can assist you!

Is there a free trial?

Yes. To try out the API you simply need to start a free Trial of AppTweak's ASO tool with a Pro plan or above. You will have direct access to 25,000 credits.

How far does the API data go back?

This depends on the type of data that you’re looking for. Our oldest data are top charts and category ranking and date back from 2015. However, this depends on the type of data, the country, the store, or the app.

What are the most popular BI platforms used?

You can visualize your data with your preferred BI tool. The most commonly used among our clients are Google Data, Tableau, or Power BI.

Is it possible to export AppTweak into Google DataStudio?

Yes. To do this, you'll have to reformat the response JSON files to a CSV format.

Have any other questions?

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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