AppTweak’s API allows you to access the Apple App Store & Google Play Store programmatically in 100+ countries. Use our API to visualize mobile app data the way you want, build custom reports, automate part of your processes, or integrate AppTweak data into your product.

Watch this video to get a quick overview of the main features included.

Available Data

The data available for your analyses include:

Getting Started

In order to use the AppTweak Public API, you must obtain an API token which will be used for authentication and billing purposes. This token can be automatically obtained by subscribing to an AppTweak account with a Pro, Guru, Power, or Enterprise plan. Once subscribed, you will find your API dashboard - which includes your API token and links to this documentation - in the "API" section of AppTweak.

API Dashboard within AppTweak

API Dashboard within AppTweak

API dashboard

Once subscribed to a valid ASO subscription you will get access to the API menu. In this menu you'll find the API dashboard with all the necessary information to start making API requests and track your usage. You can find:

  1. Your API token that is unique to a user

  2. Your Remaining Monthly Credits

  3. A link to our documentation

  4. Your request log table where you can search your requests and export them in CSV


Our documentation gathers all the information you need to run requests. The countries and categories for which data is available, the pricing mechanism and the API endpoints details.

Inside our documentation you can easily run requests from an API endpoint page by following 3 steps:

  1. Fill in your API token in the header (done automatically if you're clicking on the documentation from the API dashboard)

  2. Fill in your query parameters to build your requests

  3. Click on "Try it!" to run the request. ⚠️ Be careful that you will be charged for these requests!

If you want to have an idea of the response format without being charged, you can also click on the examples for iOS or Android (*).

Using the 25,000 credits

From an AppTweak ASO Pro Plan or above you'll get 25,000 API credits each month. Wondering what you can do with that? Here are some examples of interesting use-cases:

  • Track monthly app performance (downloads, app power, ratings) for 12 apps

  • Run a monthly keyword volume analysis on 150+ keywords

  • Track your monthly app keyword ranking on 150+ keywords

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