This section will allow you to see which country is performing better. This is very helpful to select the next market you want to focus on.

Map/Table View

Before you start with your analysis, here are a few notes:

  • The density map view is already filled with insights on each country. Depending on the filters you selected, you can see on the map which countries have the highest number of downloads. In addition, if you put your mouse on a country, it will tell you how many downloads this country represents for the type of apps selected and over the date range selected.

  • You can also look at the table view : In order to have a view across all countries and to have additional KPIs to understand their performance.

  • To add countries to your analysis : You can directly click on the map to select the countries you want to analyse or you can select them from the list next to it.

  • How to create custom markets : We also added the ability to create custom markets meaning that once you have selected the countries you want to analyse, you can save them. Your custom markets will be available across all the different categories as long as you are in the same store. Once you are done with your country selected, you can click on "Save as a custom market" button and give a name to it. For performance reasons, we limited this number to 30 countries.

  • How to edit a custom market : Once a custom market has been created, you can edit/delete it. You will notice the edit button next to each custom market this will allow you to (de)selected some countries. When you are satisfied with your new selection, custom market name and colour, you need to click on the Done button.

Market Size

Market Size: Understand how many downloads (or how much revenue) your custom market has generated over the selected time period.

  • In this view, you can look at the downloads/revenue history to understand if you a market is very volatile or not.

  • You can also look at the market share by country : This view is very useful when you need to check how big is a market compared to the others. In the example below, you can quickly see that the united states is almost 4 times the other markets

  • The KPI table : This table is here to give additional information regarding the performance of each market.

More about our data

Since its creation, AppTweak has managed to gather the data of millions of apps across different categories and countries. This data has enabled us to compute a model that estimates the downloads and revenues of an app based on its category ranking.

To estimate the size of a category in a country, we sum the download or revenue estimates of all apps in that category and country.

To learn more about how we compute our estimates, check out this article.

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