Collaborating with other team members in shared workspaces is now available for Enterprise accounts!

What is a workspace?

A workspace allows you to work with other team members on a given app or a set of apps, and therefore collaborate on shared ASO projects.

Which data can I share in a workspace?

Users can share different data in shared workspaces:

  • Followed apps,

  • Followed competitors,

  • Keyword lists,

  • Keywords,

  • SOV keywords,

  • App Intelligence reports

  • Market Intelligence categories

  • Annotations

Any data in that is added into a shared workspace is visible to all users who are part of that workspace.

Which data is not sharable?

Top Charts, Conversion Benchmarks, Featured Apps and Smart Insights cannot be shared with other team members. The data contained in these sections are only related to a user account.

How to get started with workspace?

By default, you start with a default workspace, called 'Personal Workspace' which is your own personal dashboard. This default workspace cannot be shared with other users, neither deleted. Any data that is added to this workspace cannot be shared.

To create a new workspace, simply open the workspaces menu in header. Then click on + Create. Give a name to your workspace and select the users you would like to share data with.

How can I import data from another workspace?

To quickly setup your workspace, you can import apps from another workspace. This action will also import all the competitors and keywords related to this app.

  • Just go on the homepage,

  • Select the workspace in which you would like to import apps

  • Click on Import apps button

  • Select the apps you'd like to import

  • And save!

❓ If you import an app that is already followed in your current workspace, data will be merged,

  • New competitors will be added to the followed app

  • New keyword lists will be added to the follow app

Can I share an integration within a workspace?

To allow other members of your company to view data from your integrated App Store Connect or Google Console account, you can share an integration in a workspace. This means, that only one user has to set up the integration, while all members of a workspace can access the integrated data.

To share an integration, go to your integrations page and click on the Share with workspace button.

Select one or more accounts you wish to share and the workspace you want to share them in. Then click Share to complete the process.

It is also possible to "unshare" a workspace. To do so, click Share with workspace and select an integration plus a workspace that this specific integration is already shared in. Now you should be able to see an Unshare button instead of the Share button.

Tip: The user badge next to the account name, shows you how many and which workspaces the integration is shared with.

Where can I see the integrations that are shared with me within a workspace?

On your integrations page there are two tabs My integrations and Shared integrations.

  • My Integrations: Here you see all the integrations that you did on your AppTweak account. You can share them within a workspace, update or delete them.

  • Shared Integrations: Here you see all the integrations that are shared with you within a workspace. Since these are not your integrations you cannot share, update or delete them.

How to add users to an existing workspace?

To add users to an existing workspace, click on the workspaces menu, then click on ⚙️ Manage workspaces.

Select the workspace in which you would like to add new team members.

Click on +Add users and select the user(s) you want to add. Confirm by clicking on +Add users. These users will then be able to access that workspace and all the data that was added.

How can I delete a workspace?

To delete a workspace, go to My Profile, then click on My Workspaces. Click on the trash icon next to the workspace you want to delete. ⚠️ This action cannot be undone. The workspace and all the data associated with it will be deleted, e.g. apps, competitors, keywords, markets, etc.

Admin users can delete all workspaces that have been created in an account. A non-admin user can only delete the workspaces they have created.

Who can add and delete data within a shared workspace?

All users who are part of a workspace can add and delete data in the same way in that workspace.

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