The ASO Intelligence dashboard is the central interface where you can manage your apps. This personal dashboard displays and helps you keep track of:

  • All the app listings you are currently following in your account

  • All the apps you have imported through an integration

N.B. For each store, you can track one app in multiple countries and different languages. For each app followed in a specific store, a separate app listing is created for new countries, languages, and devices.

For each app listing added, you can find the application name, store, country, language, category name, category ranking, category ranking growth, app power, app power growth, average rating, and average rating growth. This will allow you to compare your apps’ performances in just a glance.

If your dashboard is empty and you haven’t added any app yet, just follow the steps here to add your first app listings.

Keep track of all your followed apps

  1. Filter your app listings by app, country, and/or store: You can apply different filters, such as by app, country, and/or store to easily find a specific app from your list. When you are done, just click on “Clear Filters” for a new selection.

  2. Filter your app listings by app: Below the main filters, you will find a scroll bar with all the apps you follow that have the same App ID (same app across countries). Just click on the app as a shortcut to identify all the apps you follow with that same App ID.

  3. Your app listings: Under the ‘App listings’ tab, you’ll find all your app listings that correspond to the app(s) you are following. For each app followed in a specific store, a separate app listing is created for new countries, languages, and devices.

  4. Sort your app listings: You can sort your app listings by name and each of the column indicators.

  5. Jump to the right section: You can use the shortcuts to jump directly to the ASO section of your app listing and quickly start using specific features.

  6. Unfollow an app listing: Use this button to unfollow an app listing.

Keep track of all your integrations

Once you have integrated your AppTweak account to your App Store Connect and/or Google Play Console, you’ll find a list of all the apps in your account and the countries in which they are available in the “Integrations” tab of your dashboard.

Haven’t integrated your account yet? Discover the benefits of connecting your App Store and Google Play Store console and learn how to connect your consoles here.

  • From this tab, you can follow the app(s) you want to keep track of by clicking on the [+ Follow] button. This app will then be added to your “App listings” tab.

💡 Want to add multiple app listings at once?

On the dashboard, you can add an app in multiple countries at once. Just start by clicking on the button [+ Add an app].

(1) Select the countries you’d like to analyze your app in.

(2) If the country has different languages, choose the languages you would like to analyze.

(3) Add all of the available languages or select just one.

(4) Select the country and language for which you would like to add competitors, or choose to add competitors to all of your countries and languages.

(5) Choose the competitors.

(6) In this section, you can review the competitors that will be added for each country.

After that, just confirm your selection and all the app listings will be added with the respective competitors for each country/language 🙌.

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