AppTweak's features are designed to facilitate your competition monitoring efforts. To unlock valuable insights, we recommend you add at least two competitors to your app.

First, simply click on + Add competitors. This will open a widget where you can add and manage your competitors; you can open this widget from any app page's section.

There are 2 ways to add competitors:

  1. Type your own competitors

    You can directly search the name of a competing app or any keyword from the store.

  2. Select competitors from our suggestions

    • We automatically generate a list of suggested competitors that are closely linked or similar to your app in its respective country.

      👉 Just click on (+) or on the app's card and the app will be added to your competitors.

    • You can also access all the apps you've added to your peer group by connecting your Google Play Console.

    • Finally, you can find the competitor apps that you have added in other countries (for the same app, in the same store).

N.B. Competitors are connected to a certain app listing (i.e., to a specific country). They can vary depending on the country selected. For instance, in the screenshot below, we're about to add competitors to an app in the United States.

On the right, you can add and delete competitors as you wish. Simply click on (-).

Once you’ve added the competitors you want, click on “Save selection” and you'll be taken back to your app page.

No idea who your competitors are?

Identifying the right competitors for your app is not always an easy task. It is important to consider both direct competitors with similar features, and indirect competitors that might steal some of your visibility on the store. Learn how you can effectively identify and classify your competitors in this blog article.

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