Some advertisers rely on just a handful of keywords to drive downloads to their apps. For these advertisers, it is extremely important to closely monitor the competition on these keywords and adjust bids as needed. Our detailed SOV In-Depth Study feature can help with this research!

⚠️ The SOV History section is only available for iOS apps.

⚡️ This is a premium feature for Power plans and above.

Our In-Depth study will give you a more precise SOV estimation per keyword because we will simulate a search for that keyword to fetch the ads much more often (up to 50 times a day). Therefore we can catch more ads per keyword and better understand which ads show up most often.

To study a keyword, you just need to type the keyword into the search field, and a graph showing the history of the top bidding apps will appear. You can adjust the data range in the top right.

In this example, we are studying the keyword "apartment".

You can choose your view option: Line chart (as shown above) or Stacked Chart.

Feel free to click on the competitor's name in the legend to remove them from the graph.

In the SOV History chart, you can view the chart history of the Share of Voice of each app bidding on the keyword "apartment".

The Top Apps SOV displays all the apps that are currently bidding on the studied word and the SOV of their Ad on the word.

❗️If you are adding a new keyword to our database for the first time, AppTweak needs approximately 3 days to perform enough searches to be able to give an accurate estimate of the daily SOV

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