In the Paid Keywords of the Ad Intelligence section, you can see who else is running ads on your paid keywords. But more interestingly you can also spy on your competitor's keywords and find out which keywords they are currently bidding on.

⚠️ In the Paid Keywords section, the data is calculated based on one search per day over the last 90 days.

Just like the Organic Keyword Protection section, we show the exact same data in the Keyword table for the Top Paid Keywords.

  • Top Paid Keywords: Top 100 Paid keywords on which your app has placed an ad and having the highest Volume (Search Popularity).

  • Rank: The selected app's organic rank

  • Volume: The Volume is an indicator between 5 and 100 that shows how often a keyword is searched. The higher the number, the more popular the keyword is

  • Difficulty: The Difficult is an indicator between 0 and 100 that shows the level of organic competition of a keyword. The higher the number, the higher the competition

  • All Apps SOV Spread: All the apps that are bidding on this keyword, along with their SOV.

Share of Voice (SOV)

The Share of Voice (SOV) is how often this ad shows in comparison to other ads on the keyword.

At AppTweak, we make daily searches on given keywords and compile all the apps that would appear in the Ad banner. This enables us to provide our users with an estimate (in %) of the Share of Voice of any app on a keyword.

For the keyword "bumble pics", we see that Bumble has an SOV of 51%. This means that 51% of the time, Bumble's ads will appear on this keyword. However, there is another column called "All Apps SOV Spread".

All Apps SOV Spread

In the All Apps SOV Spread column, we found all of the apps that are bidding on this keyword, along with their SOV.

When we're taking a look at the keyword "bumble pics" we see that there are + 12 apps we have identified that are bidding on this keyword.

When you click on the "+12", you can view all of the apps that are bidding on this keyword and the SOV for "bumble pics".

If we find more than 100 keywords on which the selected app has an ad running within the last 90 days, these are shown in the form of a summarized keyword list as you scroll down to the bottom of the list.

You can click on each of these keywords and see the SOV Spread, Live Search, and Past Results.

With the "Live Search" feature, you can see what it would look like if you were to type in "find friend" in the search bar of an iPhone or Android device.

The "Past Results" tab will show you the Top Chart History on the selected period for this keyword.

Find a specific keyword

You can also use the search bar in this section to find a specific keyword in this list.

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