In the Metadata tab, under the Timeline section, AppTweak tracks all of the metadata updates and A/B tests (Google Play Store only) of any app in the app stores. This section contains a wealth of information on your competitor's ASO strategy.

In the ASO Timeline view, you can easily monitor when and how often competitors update their app's metadata. Every dot in the timeline indicates a version or metadata update. The color codes represent the following:

  • Green – the app made an update in its store listing
  • Orange – the app has been running an A/B test with Google Experiments
  • Orange filled with green – the app has made an update in its store listing AND is running an A/B test on another metadata element

By default the selected date range shows the total number of updates in the last 90 days. You can always change the date range in the top right corner.

Note: A/B Tests are only available on Android apps. Apple does not allow you to A/B test.

Mouse-over the colored dots to see which elements were updated. When you click on those dots, you can actually view the updates and even compare the before/after changes.

Want to see when or how often competitors updated only their screenshots or icon? Filter your research and use the filters at the top of the page to customize the table.

What do we consider a metadata update?

Every day our tool scans all the app pages in our database. When we notice a metadata element has changed we consider this a metadata update.

What do we consider an A/B Test?

If the algorithm notices that this metadata element changes often, it's likely that the developer is executing an A/B test. Therefore, if we notice the same element updated again within the next 4 days time, we will assume that the developers are A/B testing their app’s metadata. Therefore the dots will be orange.

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