Analyze your downloads and growth overtime

Under the ‘Downloads’ Tab, you can view overtime the estimated downloads we computed for your app as well as useful KPIs indicating how well your app is performing.

The estimated total downloads we show is based on:

  1. Category rank: The rank of an app in its category gives an indication of the level of daily downloads that the app is making. Of course, each category and country has its own level of competitiveness.

  1. Seasonality: Seasonality and specific events can highly affect app downloads. The impact depends on various elements such as the apps’ type, the country, and the event itself. These subtleties are captured by our new estimates model.

  1. A broad range of data: With the help of deep-learning, our model uses a broad range of data to compute estimates, which results in a higher level of accuracy.

Along with the Total Downloads, we added Avg. Daily Downloads and ‘Download Growth’. The 'Download Growth' will compare the total downloads of this date range with the total downloads on the last equivalent period. As a result, you will be able to know how well your app has performed since the last period.

Add competitors to benchmark your app

This section is very interesting when you need to compare your app with several competitors. As soon as they are added, you will see the estimated downloads of each app on the same graph. You can pinpoint which one of the added apps are leading the peer group and how it changed over time.

Under the Line Chart, the summary table will help you understand which app had the best growth over the selected date range and which ones are lagging behind.

Moreover, don’t hesitate to change the date range to analyze a specific period that may be relevant to your app.

What does the Confidence Indicator score mean?

The more data we have, the more accurate our predictive curve will be for a given category in a given country.

  • Accurate (Green) – We have a lot of real data points for the given category/country/ranking tier. We guarantee that our estimates are highly accurate in this case. They should reflect very well the real number of downloads and/or revenue of this app you’re looking at.

  • Fair (Yellow) – We have a fair amount of real data points for the given category/country/ranking tier. Although you still need to be careful while interpreting the data provided, these most likely have a good correlation with the exact data.

  • Moderate (Red) – We don’t have a lot of real data points for the given category/country/ranking tier. It’s a rough estimation, that is more useful in terms of comparison between apps rather than providing an actual number of downloads or revenue.

Analyze your ASO Impact

To better visualize and measure the impact of your ASO work on your downloads, you can use the "Analyze ASO Impact" button just above your graph.

This will allow you to show on the graph, with your downloads:

  • Timeline Events: You will be able to see if an update of one of your metadata has impacted your downloads.

  • Featurings: We will show you all the dates when your app got featured. This way you can understand if an increase in your downloads is coming from a recent featuring.

  • Algorithm updates: You will see each time we detected a change in Apple's (or Google depending on the store you are on) algorithm.

  • Plot against: In the second section, you will be able to add on your graph your revenue estimates, your app's app power and its ranking overtime. Thanks to this view you will be able to establish correlation between the different metrics.

Integrate your app to see much more!

If you connect your console to our tool, you will be able to see your real downloads as well as other metrics.

For iOS apps:

Users that have synced their App Store Connect account with AppTweak will be able to view:

  • Downloads that correspond to your real downloads are under the Downloads section. Of course, you will still be able to benchmark them against competitor estimates in one view.

  • Impressions over time to understand if your app receives a lot of traffic even though they don't download your app.

  • Page views over time to understand if a lot of people are landing on your app page.

  • A breakdown by source (App Store Browse, App Store Search, App Referrer, Web Referrer) is available for each metric to understand which source brings the most visibility.

👉 Steps to connect your Apple Console with AppTweak

💡 For Apple, we predict App Units (not installations) to calculate our Download Estimates. Re-downloads are excluded.

For Android apps:

Users that have the Google Play Console integration will have the possibility to show:

  • Their app’s “Daily User Installs” or “Daily Device Installs” instead of our estimated downloads

  • Store Listing Visitors overtime which is similar to the Product Page Views for Apple. It will count the number of users that visited the Store Listing of your app.

  • Store Listing Acquisitions overtime which will help you understand if your app keep acquiring new users

  • A breakdown by source (Explore, Search, Referrals) is available for each metric to understand which source brings the most visibility.

💡 For Google Play, we use Daily Device Installs to calculate our Download Estimates.

👉 Steps to connect your Google Console with AppTweak

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