When you connect your app store consoles to AppTweak you can analyze your whole portfolio's performance in both app stores in one place!

  • Follow these steps on how to connect your App Store Connect on AppTweak.

  • Follow these steps on how to connect your Google Play Console on AppTweak.

App Store Connect Overview

Get an aggregated view of the performance of all your integrated apps across all countries in one single view.

To see the performance metrics for just one of your integrated apps, use the 'app filter' to select the right app.

Downloads / Product Page Views / Impressions / Conversion

  • View by App: Review your App Units history of the apps you have integrated across different countries and sources.

  • View by Country or Source: Adjust the 'view by' filter to see an aggregated view of your apps' units by country or source.

You can always dig deeper and click on 'Add filter' to see App Units for a specific app, country, or source.

There are similar views and filters for each of the other metrics: Product Page Views, Impressions, and Conversion.

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