How are the credits calculated for App Intelligence?

The monthly subscription to the App Intelligence starts at $/€/£199 for 100 credits. These 100 credits can be used in both App Intelligence and Market Intelligence.

Credits are calculated as follows: number of app x countries x stores

Ex. To analyze your app with 3 competitors, in 5 countries in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store you need 40 credits (4 apps x 5 countries x 2 stores = 40 credits)

Can I have access to the App Intelligence without an ASO Subscription?

No, the App & Market Intelligence come as an add-on to your ASO subscription. You cannot purchase the App & Market Intelligence without having an ASO subscription. Subscriptions to our ASO intelligence start at $/€/£ 69 per month only.

How do I cancel my App Intelligence subscription?

To cancel your App Intelligence subscription, navigate to My Account > General Info > Manage Subscription. Underneath 'App & Market Intelligence', click on 'Cancel my App/Market Intelligence subscription'.

Note: when you cancel your App & Market Intelligence subscription, your ASO subscription will remain active. If you wish to cancel your ASO subscription as well, click on 'cancel my ASO subscription'

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