With the App Intelligence add-on you can create custom reports to analyze your apps' performance across countries and compare it with competitors.

How to create your first report

1. Click on '+new report'

2. Add apps to your report. You can choose to either use the search bar, or click on 'select connected apps' to see a list of all the apps for which you have established an integration. Click on the app to add it to your report.

3. Add the app in both stores. Click on 'Add Google Play app' or 'Add App Store app' on the right side to track the apps in both stores. And hit 'next'.

4. Choose the countries you want to analyze. If you would like to get data for all supported countries, select 'all supported countries' at the top. Keep in mind that each country counts towards one credit.

5. Name your report. Enter a name for the report you just created and click 'Confirm'.

Best practices to keep in mind when creating your report

  • You cannot edit a report. If you want to add or remove an app or country you will have to create a new report.

  • Add your app or apps you would like to analyze along with your main competitors.

  • Try to stay away from selecting 'all countries'. Instead really focus on those countries that matter to your business.

Next, discover unique insights and find new opportunities to grow your app or game!

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