If you have already connected your app store consoles to AppTweak you can skip the first 2 steps and jump to 'Choose the app you want to benchmark against'

Why you should connect your app store consoles with AppTweak

If you connect your App Store consoles with AppTweak you can unlock the following information with the Market Intelligence add-on:

  • Measure your app’s market share within your market

  • Compare your app downloads with seasonality trends within your category or market

  • Benchmark your app downloads with top apps in your category

How to connect your app store consoles to AppTweak

Click on '+ Add New Integration' in the top right and follow the steps to integrate your consoles.

Choose the app you want to benchmark against

When you have integrated your App Store consoles with AppTweak you'll see the option to choose one of your app to benchmark against, at the top of your screen.

Unlock unique insights

Note: The data show in the screenshots in this article have been randomized. To learn more about the specific Market Intelligence features and data, check out:

Now you've selected your benchmark you can uncover the following information about your app:

  • Compare your app's position in the top charts across countries in one view

My App has the highest rankings in the Business Top Charts in France (39).

  • Get an estimation of how many more downloads your app needs to reach top rankings

My App needs another 101 daily downloads in Canada to reach the top 10 rankings in the Business Category.

  • Benchmark your app's market share against your market or category.

My App currently captures 2% of the market share in terms of downloads. Download Share for other apps has grown whereas My App's downloads have decreased over the selected time period.

  • Find out how your app downloads compare to seasonality trends

My App's downloads grew faster than the market from September to December last year.

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