With AppTweak's Market Share Analysis features you can understand which apps, categories and countries are dominating your market in terms of downloads and revenue.

Before you start with your analysis, here are a few notes:

  • The data displayed is for your customized market only (the categories, countries, store and device you selected when you created your market).

  • You can switch markets at any time at the top of your page.

  • Select wether you want to analyze trends based on download estimates or revenue estimates and choose your date range in the top right corner.

For the purpose of this article we'll have a look at the Download Estimates in the last 30 days.

Market Share by App

  • Market Share History & Market Size: Understand how many downloads (or how much revenue) your custom market has generated over the selected time period.

  • Top Apps in Market: Find out which apps in your market receive most downloads. The line graph shows a history of the daily downloads and makes it easy to spot new up and coming apps or competitors. The table view provides more details into the top app's market share. The market share data and growth is calculated over the selected date range.

Pro tip: Hover over an app name in the legend to highlight the app in the graph and analyze trends in more detail.

  • Detail by Category & Country: Choose the right filters to dig deeper and find the top apps per category or country. Customize your view to analyze the data the way you like it the most.

Market Share by Category

  • Market Share by Category: Find out which category received most downloads. Choose the line graph view to analyze growth trends for each category.

  • Detail by Country: Analyze trends in categories country by country to get more insights.

Market Share by Country

You can get the same information on a by country level.

  • Market Share by Country: Choose the Tree view, Line view or Stack view to find out which country receives most downloads or is growing the fastest.

  • Detail by Category: Analyze trends in countries on a category by category level to get more insights.

More about our data

Since its creation, AppTweak has managed to gather the data of millions of apps across different categories and countries. This data has enabled us to compute a model that estimates the downloads and revenues of an app based on its category ranking.

To estimate the size of a category in a country, we sum the download or revenue estimates of all apps in that category and country.

To learn more about how we compute our estimates, check out this article.

Next, uncover seasonality trends within your market or category!

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