• How many downloads does my app need to rank in the top 3 in its category?

  • Which category should I choose for my app?

  • Which category is the most competitive? Does it vary country by country?

Get an answer to all these questions with the Downloads to Top feature!

  • View by country: For each category in your market find out how many downloads you need to reach top rankings in the selected countries.

Ex. You need more downloads to reach top 5 rankings in the Games Word category Japan than in the United Kingdom.

  • View by category: For each country find out which category is the most competitive.

Ex. In the United States, you need 117K daily downloads to rank top 3 in the Games Casual category. You only need 12.4K downloads to rank in the top 3 in the Games Word category.

  • Show variability: This are daily estimates and depend on the volatility of the category. For example, in some categories, the level of downloads to reach a position is much higher during the weekend than during the week (ex: Photo & Video, Games etc.), or vice versa (Business, etc.). You can see this variability by checking the “Show variability” box in the upper right.

More about our data

Since its creation, AppTweak has managed to gather the data of millions of apps across different categories and countries. This data has enabled us to compute a model that estimates the downloads and revenues of an app based on its category ranking. To learn more about how we compute our estimates, check out this article.

Get more insights into your market and find out which apps, categories and countries are growing the fastest with the Market Share Analysis.

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